Sustainability offers new lenses to examine and
improve our businesses and organizations. 
Sustainability encourages systemic thinking and
As a lens, sustainability provides powerful new perspectives
for examining old assumptions and sacred cows.
Solution Navigators can help companies frame
opportunities for sustainability in ways that mitigate risks,
reduce waste and carbon, fracture silos, spark creative
thinking, excite employees, stakeholders and customers, and
develop new business advantage.
Using the Lens in
Retail Ops:
A sustainability lens can
stimulate new insights, as a
retailer did to reduce
refrigerant leaks. 
In  analyzing failure data
for their refrigerated
systems,  patterns of
failure emerged in
particular joints and
connectors both by
manufacturer and in the
work of individual
employees and contractors.
Acting on that data reduced
maintenance costs,
refrigerant gas leaks, 
product spoilage, customer
inconvenience, and store